A Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard
Mary Sue Hubbard Lafayette Ron Hubbard


Wife of L. Ron Hubbard

Remembered with Respect and Honor

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Mary Sue Hubbard Quote
"...To my dear husband, auditor, teacher and our Founder, go my thanks and acknowledgement for having given the most precious gifts of Freedom and true Beingness to me and my fellow Man. Without him, none of this would have been possible; and so to Ron goes my everlasting gratitude for having provided for all of us the Road to Clear."

Mary Sue Deserves Your Love

by Jim Burtles, UK.

Reproduced courtesy of IVY Magazine and grateful acknowledgement is made to Jim Burtles and to Antony Philips of IVY for permission to reproduce these reflections about the First Lady of Scientology.

Who is this ghost hanging about the church ground?

Almost famous although never quite renowned;

Her once brilliant smile, now a forlorn look;

Mourning her absence from the history book.

Mary Sue, Mary who? You know, Mary Sue

She was the half known woman behind the man,

Wife and mother, companion and lover.

Once so attractive, although somewhat daunting;

Now given to regrets, sighing and haunting.

Mary Sue, Mary who? Mary Sue Hubbard

Ignored and hidden because she was too good,

Forgotten and denied, alone in the wood.

Once such a pleasant and powerful mistress

Her downfall was a Miscavige of justice.

Mary Sue? Mary Sue. Oh that Mary Sue

Admired by many and respected by most,

Driven from grace, hanging around as a ghost,

Envied by some, she was trusted from above.

Let us release her with a shower of love.

Mary Sue, Clear and True, Mary Sue Hubbard


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